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Boxing Fitness

Go The Distance Fitness is a Premier Boxing Fitness Facility.

"No Contact"  Group Classes where Actual Amateur and Professional Boxing Experts teach the Technique, Strategy and Conditioning.  You get the best of both worlds self-defense combat sport training with the conditioning that is surpassed by none.

Video: The "Champions Room"  

Like to Run Solo? 

Our 12 Round Circuit Training is an option

More of a Team Player? 

Try our Group  Adult Boxing Class

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"A Little Information About This Gym"

Why you shouldn't be timid about joining a "Boxing" Gym.

These workouts make losing weight and getting in shape FUN.  The classes are NO CONTACT and learning the skills of boxing alone will drive you toward  your health and fitness goals like no other.  

We are Not your Parents Gym

Boxing Based Workout - Me?



The Benefits of Boxing at 

Go The Distance Fitness

  • No Contracts
  • Minimal equipment
  • No Contact 
  • Real Boxing Coaches 
  • Open Gym comes with Most Memberships
  • Be a part of a Competitive Combat Sport
  • Perfect for out-of-season conditioning and athletic performance gains
  • No Need for  Multiple Memberships

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Looking for an experienced, friendly, helpful gym?  Look no further! 

Our Mission: Simple

Bring the Benefits of Boxing 

to the Masses"

Boxing Classes are "No Contact", though we teach you real boxing. Choose the #1 workout for burning calories while building full body functional strength and conditioning. Oh did we mention you learn a true self-defense technique along the way? 

We are a community based gym looking to share these incredible life changing benefits with our customers.  There is nothing else like this within a 100 miles.  We treat all our members with the highest level of service to help them      "Go The Distance"


Boxing is "BACK" in Kenosha


The word "welcome" is truly what we want you to feel in this new and exciting program to Kenosha and the surrounding area.  We've have painstakingly thought out programs and processes to ensure top results while maintaining a very comfortable environment for all. We have a private studio for our circuit program (Our Champions Program), separate roll room for the Jiu Jitsu/ Wrestling and a gym facility for the boxing ring and cross fit. It's the best of both worlds taken from some of the top gyms in LA and Vegas.  It's not because it's from there we use it - it's because it's proven to work.  

Boxing Classes


Youth Class Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

4:00 pm  - Pre-Teen 

5:00 pm -  Teens 

55 Minute Classes

 Adult Class Schedule   

 2 Levels:

  • Level 1 : M-W Boxing Basics/Standard Cardio

  • Level II: T-Th Advanced Boxing Workout 

Please note you can attend all 4 days with your Adult membership plus open gym

Schools Out Summer Program


Implementing our Pm classes in the AM

Focus on :

Fundamentals of Boxing

The Boxing Workout

Athlete Performance (Sports Prep) 


Mental Toughness

No Contact

Weight loss



Zumba Classes with Lily Retana


Monday- Wednesday- Friday 

9:00-10:00 AM Zumba


10:00-10:45 AM Zumba Step

Tuesday and Thursday 

7:00-8:00 PM Zumba

Saturday 8:00-9:00 PM Bootcamp




We Have Solutions "Just Right" for YOU

Go The Distance Fitness in Kenosha is a Modern Boxing Gym that Is a Fitness Facility with its core and roots in the Sweet Science of Boxing.

Private or Group - Youth or Adult - Female or Male - Fitness or Competition.  We’re a unique fitness facility with a strong commitment towards "Functional Workouts" that optimize both strength and cardiovascular performance  for a fast, fun and mega effective means for those seeking solutions.  


 Champions Room - Private Studio with a 12 round 30 minute no contact boxing based circuit. - No Set times - just warm-up and get started . We also hold our Boxing Classes, Zumba and Birthday/Event Parties in the Champions Room.


Open Gym Membership  functional strength and conditioning workout equipment. Crossfit based equipment combined with Full Boxing Gym. Start when you want and do what you want. (Also comes with Champion Room Membership)

  • Private Training available in all programs
  • Boxing Lessons
  • Zumba​​ Classes
  • Boot Camps
  • ​Jiu Jitsu
  • Fitness Belly Dancing
  • Traditional Mexican Dance